Matt Sherwin’s sound design captivates as the sixth, unseen character—his manic scene change music sounds like a demented Willy Wonka chocolate factory and the apartment’s voice-automated control system...contributes an impressive technical layer.” - Billy McEntee - on 'Gluten!"

A fine sound design and original music by Matt Sherwin...supports three fine performances.” - Samuel L. Leiter - on 'Gluten!'

Matt Sherwin is a star.” - Norman Gilliland on Matt's design and performance in 'The Water Engine'

— Wisconsin Public Radio

Special mention belongs to the imaginative sound designer and composer, Matt Sherwin. During every blackout we’re favored by a short piece of distinctive music peppered with cartoon action sounds…ostensibly indicating the characters movements in the dark. It’s a terrifically upbeat and evocative way to bridge the scenes. The sound device is also used intermittently within the unfolding story. It’s always completely apt adding a wonderfully goofy element.” - On 'Rough Sketch'


The show features a rich, original scored sound design by Matt Sherwin.” - On 'The Awesome Dance'


Matt Sherwin’s Sound Design deserves a call out. Not only are his language tapes effective, the little electronic sound/sigh emitted by spacey looking lamps when turned on and off, is perfect.”

— - On 'One Thousand Blinks'

The sound designer, Matt Sherwin, has provided attractive incidental music.” - On 'The Awesome Dance'


Matthew Sherwin, as a nimble Foley artist, is great fun to watch in the background as he works on sound effects and provides original music.” - On 'The Water Engine'

— Isthmus, Madison

Matt Sherwin’s sound is right on target.” - On 'Twenty-One'


Poignant and humorous. Very talented songcrafting...Excellent stuff.” - On '12:30 Songs'

— Billboard