1. 'Gluten!' Reel

From the recording 'Gluten!' Reel

Theme music and transitions from 'Gluten!'  Stephen Kaliski's jubilantly foul, gently futuristic 'Gluten!' follows newlyweds Copious Fairchild and Hibiscus Van der Waal as they do everything they can to conceive a child. They move into a new abode. They see the best doctors. They even try sex the new way, but to no avail!  When Copious' estranged mother pays a visit with a radically new-age proposition, the couple is forced to confront all the demonic glutens they've tried so hard to eliminate.  Written by Stephen Kaliski; Directed by Steve Kaliski & Amanda Holston; Sound Design and Original Music by Matt Sherwin; Produced by 59e59 Theatres.